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21. January 2016 I Heiner Flassbeck I General

Dear Readers,

Dear Readers,

Today flassbeck-economics is launching its new English website ‘flassbeck-economics international’.  We welcome you to our new site and trust that you will find our work both useful and informative.

As on our German site (, our goal is to offer innovative and critical approaches to macroeconomics and to explain the consequences of crucial economic policies to our readers. It is not necessary to have an academic background in economics in order to understand our work. We use comprehensible language and shy away from discourse that is overly technical.

What we advocate is in essence very simple. With the right macroeconomic policies it is possible for our economies to generate more profits, for governments to have more tax revenue and for working people to have more income.  We need to decrease the levels of inequality which have become absurd and are indefensible. Such change can in principle be achieved worldwide. In addition, it is possible to achieve all of this within responsible ecological limits, which is absolutely necessary given the dangers that are upon us.

We will make a selection of the most important articles of our German site for flassbeck-economics international.  Some of these articles deal with the German economy and German politics. This is important, because both economically and politically, Germany is the dominant power within Europe. We will also publish articles dealing with economics and politics in the Anglo-Saxon world, especially the United Kingdom and the United States. A very important part of our work consists of the cyclical analysis of the European economy and of critical comments regarding forecasts and economic policy recommendations by various institutions, including the European Commission and the European Central Bank.

As the translation of articles is not free, we have to ask our readers to contribute to the costs. Readers can purchase individual articles or take a subscription for one, three or six months at a time. Due to a lack of staff, we are not able to manage ‘comments’ at this moment in time, but we are always happy if you send us your comments and proposals by e-mail.

We very much hope that your insights into economics, in particular macroeconomics, will benefit from our critical analyses and the data that we present. Please do not hesitate to share our information with others.

Much needed change will only come if many people understand the flaws and shortfalls of mainstream economics and the counterproductive policies that they inform.

We are pleased that you have found us and we thank you for reading,

Heiner Flassbeck and the team of flassbeck-economics international