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9. November 2016 I Will Denayer I Countries and Regions, General Politics

Trump set to win the election

It is now 6:00 in the morning. It is fair to assume that Trump will win the presidential election. At the moment he is 26 electoral men away from the 270 he needs.

I listened to journalists, activists, intellectuals and professors all night long. Here is the point that no one made: Trump did not win this election because he did so well. Clinton lost because she did so poorly. This is not a matter of opinion. Trump won counties in North Carolina and other states that have been democratic since at least Eisenhower.

The democrats simply did not show up and the reason is Hillary Clinton. The socially inclined American voters had no appetite to vote for yet another corporate shill. They refused. They did not buy into the scaremongering of the voting for the lesser evil nonsense. Letting Beyonce, Madonna, Bruce Springsteen and Lady gaga sing songs and letting half of Hollywood parade did nothing. Robert Reich’s scaremongering did not help; Krugman diatribes accomplished nothing (in an act of supreme hypocrisy, he just blamed Stein and the DNC just said that it is the Russians) and hundreds of thousands anti-Trump articles, videos, cartoons, GIFs, insults and sheer lies did not do it either. The American population does not want a Clinton presidency, period.

What is more, the democrats who stayed home today told the DNC so a long time ago. But the DNC did not listen –  because what could actually go wrong? The real drama is that Sanders would have won this election fair and square. But Sanders is not the candidate of the establishment. Sanders had to be defeated. According to the DNC strategists, the scaremongering, the lies, the infantilisation, the manipulation would do the rest.

What could go wrong?


Picture 1: It is a material word and Bernie was not a material girl. 

The buzz word of the day is now ‘fascism.’ There will be more thoughtlessness. The right lesson will not be learned – it is too evident, too real, too painful.  The rise of Sanders, a 74 years old Jewish ‘socialist’, proves the point well enough. The socially and democratically inclined electorate is sick and tired of the dysfunction, the corruption, the lying, the hypocrisy, the cheating, the impotent speeches, the wars, the militarism, the hunger, the homelessness, the incarceration, the police brutality, the tax evasion, the cost for health care, the cost of education, the unemployment, the wages that do not go up or barely so, the pathetic state of the infrastructure, the super rich which have never been richer than today and have never been getting richer any faster, the anti syndicalism, the disrespect for civil rights, the disrespect for human rights, the fracking, the lack of support for climate change and some more. About all of the above, and more, these voters did not believe that Clinton would make a difference for the better. Sadly, there is no reason to doubt their judgement.

Trump will be president. His cabinet will consist of people from the coal lobby, Wall Street, the defence lobby and with deregulation and other fanatics. It really does look bad. But everything is relative. As Clinton said ‘My top priority will be to accomplish regime change in Syria.’ No one knows what Trump will do. It seems that his top priority is not to establish a no-fly zone in Syria. If there is no no-fly zone, the Americans are not obliged to shoot Russian planes down and escalate this war into something genuinely frightening. It seems that Trump will not blow up the conflict – for which Clinton herself is entirely responsible – with the Chinese about the Chinese Sea. This election was between the cholera and the plague. Nothing good was to come of it. But perhaps the world is better off without a Clinton presidency. Perhaps the chances that we will not be blown up somewhat increased. For the rest, even president Trump will be bound to the Constitution.

Notice that the Republicans keep their majority in the House and in the Senate.