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Payment System

Flassbeck-economics publishes both articles that can be read free of charge and fee-based articles. Brief critical comments on key economic policy issues and references to other publications are usually free. In addition, we publish more detailed articles and analyses, on this site approximately two per week. It is not possible to offers these texts for free because research and writing create substantial costs.

We use the payment system LaterPay. It offers two options. First, there is the possibility of buying a time pass. This pass gives you free access to all articles for a certain period of time. There is no automatic renewal, so you do not have to worry about it. Readers need to purchase a new pass when their old pass expires. Time passes can be purchased for one month (€ 5.00), for three months (€ 15.00) or for six months (€ 30.00).
For more details on the use of the payment system LaterPay please click here.

Here is a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) that deals with the LaterPay payment system.

Second, there is the option of buying access to one particular article at a time. If there is an article that interests you in particular (it is always possible to read the introduction), you can buy access to it. The price is € 0.50 for most articles. Access to longer and more complex pieces are € 1.00. Some of our articles deal with current affairs and tend to lose their relevance over time. For these articles, the price automatically adjusts after two weeks (to € 0.20 for an article of € 0.50 cents and to € 0.40 cents for an article of € 1.00). These deductions hold for all items on the site that were published after 7 April 2015. All contributions are archived and can be accessed at any time.

With LaterPay you only pay € 5.00 the first time that you purchase a time pass. Furthermore, as a user of Flassbeck-economics, you can download ten current articles and you can read up to twenty-five articles from the archive before you need to register and need to pay € 5.00.
LaterPay describes the payment process as follows: payment of individual products is very easy. You simply confirm to pay later and get immediate access to the relevant content. There is no need to register or to enter payment information before buying with LaterPay. Once your purchases reach a total value of € 5.00, LaterPay will ask you to register and pay with one of the many supported payment methods. There are no fees for shopping with LaterPay – you only pay for what you buy.

Please register with Flassbeck-economics. It does not entail any obligations from your part, but it shows us that you are interested in our work.

We support solutions for those who want to access our work but cannot afford to pay (see Support Group for more information).